Who Am I?
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November 5, 1997


Dance Steps


Emily's Birthday

"Who Am I?" is the third story in the 37th episode of the animated children's series Little Bear.


Little Bear and his friends play "Who Am I" giving impressions of Father Bear, No Feet, Moose and Lucy. Emily's Owl impression makes Owl feel left out until Little Bear coaxes him.

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  • Owl doesn't cry in this episode when everyone thinks they've hurt his feelings, he was just a little sad and just didn't want to play anymore.
  • Owl said he didn't want to play anymore and told everyone that he was going home, they think they hurt his feelings but they didn't, they went over to his house to apologize for teasing him but he said that they didn't hurt his feelings he just didn't want to play the game anymore, so if he didn't want to play the game anymore, he could've just told them that he didn't want to play it and ask to just play something else instead of going home.
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