Trouble is the main antagonist in The Little Bear Movie despite his small role. He is ruthless, mean, power-hungry, dangerous, negative, short-tempered, murderous, greedy, cold, bad, selfish and evil.

He is a hungry mountain lion who constantly tries to eat Little Bear, but is foiled when Cub saves him. Later on, he followed the gang to the Canyon. Then, Duck encountered him, and Trouble pretended to be her friend. When Little Bear asked Poppy and Pete where Duck is, and they found her with Trouble. Little Bear then shouted out to Duck to run away, and before Trouble could eat her, Poppy and Pete knocked him into the river. After he got out, he tried to kill Little Bear, but was scared off when Cubs father growled at him, and hasn’t been seen again.

He is voiced by Wayne Best.


  • Though the villain, Trouble is not seen until after Cub chased Little Moose, and when he went to the Canyon to follow Little Bear and his friends and tried to kill them.
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