The Rain Dance Play




13a (37 overall)


February 13, 1996


Party at Owl's House


Your Friend, Little Bear

Story by

Else Holmelund Minarik

Written by

Nancy Barr

The Rain Dance Play is the first story in the 13th episode of Little Bear.

Characters Present


Little Bear and his friends prepare for a play they are putting on by hanging a curtain for their backdrop and getting their props ready. Emily reminds Cat of the one, most important line he has to say. She and Little Bear worry about the lack of rain, which wilts their corn plant props. Cat is annoyed that he does not appear in the play and only has one line, though it is the most important part of the play.

Ironically, the play is about an Indian brave (Little Bear) and an Indian Princess (Emily) lamenting that the corn will not grow because of a drought. The Chorus, Hen, Owl, and Duck, echo their concerns. At the end of the play, Cat, the Great Cloud, is supposed to hear their pleas for rain and say his one, important line: "Dance!" Then the rest of the cast will do a rain dance, and Cat will dump the bucket of water he has behind the stage like its rain. But due to Cat's mischievous nature, Cat first says, "Somersaults!", then, "Stand on your heads", and then, "Backflips!" Hen is annoyed, but Duck explains to the audience that Cat is supposed to say "dance", to which Cat says, "Then why don't you dance?"

The rest of the cast does the rehearsed rain dance, and a thunderstorm hits just as Cat dumps the bucket. Duck is impressed with the size of Cat's bucket, as it is pouring. Emily wonders aloud to Little Bear whether or not the play and the rain dance was what made it really rain, and Little Bear responds that he does not know.

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