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The Big Bear Sitter
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3a (94 overall)


September 27, 1997




The Top of the World

The Big Bear Sitter is the first story in the 32nd episode of the animated children's series Little Bear.


Little Bear's parents are out and Rusty Bear has to "Little Bear-sit". Since it's Rusty's first time babysitting him, Little Bear and his friends help him out.

Characters Featured


  • This is the second time Rusty Bear plays the harmonica since Building a House for Emily. This is also the second time he appeared in a segment since the episode.
  • Even though Little Bear and his friends appear in this segment, Hen was the only one who did not appear in this segment.
  • This is the second episode Duck and Owl sleepover at Little Bear's house and the first episode Cat sleeps over.


  • Rusty Bear was making dessert for Little Bear and his friends, and his friends ask Rusty what to make for them. They did get their dessert, but Rusty forgot to give some of the dessert (the Little Bear's friends asked for) to them. For example:
    • Owl asked for cookies with Mother Bear's pie but Rusty did not put any cookies on top.
    • Duck asked for three cherries on the pie but Rusty only put one cherry on top.
    • Cat asked for milk as everyone agreed but Rusty did not give anyone milk.
    • Owl also asked for hot chocolate but Rusty did not get anyone hot chocolate.
    • Little Bear asked for whipped cream and Rusty did at least remember whipped cream.
    • The reason why Rusty didn't get anyone what they asked for is that they asked for too many things with their desserts all at once for him to even catch up on the things they wanted.
  • Uncle Rusty told Little Bear that it was time for his friends to go home after eating their dessert pie, but when Little Bear asks him for a bedtime story, his friends don't even go home. They stay for the bedtime story and sleepover.
  • Rusty puts a cherry on the pie after putting whipped cream on top, but just as he's serving everyone each piece of pie, the cherry is not seen on any of their pieces.
  • During the flashback scene when Little Bear is telling the story, some of what happened before his bedtime were in the wrong order. For example:
    • When the characters were dancing, the part where he and his friends are dancing around Rusty comes before they danced in a line.
    • When the characters are dancing, Little Bear comes early while Owl is still flapping his wings. Also, Cat appears when Little Bear appears.
    • Uncle Rusty's eyes are closed when Little Bear runs around the house, but his eyes were open before then.