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"That's why it's nice to know, I always have a family to come home to."
― Rusty Bear, "Building a House for Emily"

Rusty Bear, often referred to as Uncle Rusty or simply Rusty, is a male bear who lives in a tent in the woods. He is slightly taller and huskier than his big brother, Father Bear. He has a deep voice, wears overalls, and has a handkerchief around his neck. His fur is a shade of rusty red.


When Rusty was just a little bear cub, he and Father Bear came to the top of the world. They stuck their "walking sticks" among some rocks so they wouldn't blow away.

In the segment "Building a House for Emily", Rusty helped build a log cabin for Emily and Granny who were moving to Bear Country. When he arrived at the building site, he met his nephew, Little Bear, for the first time. He gave Little Bear his harmonica just before he left down the river on a log.

In the segment "The Big Bear Sitter", Rusty babysat Little Bear. First, Little Bear chased Rusty around the house. Then, Owl came, and they chased Rusty up a hill. Next, Duck came, and they danced and danced. Then, Cat came, and they danced some more. Then they all went in and had pie for supper. Finally, Little Bear told Rusty and the others a bedtime story and they all went to bed.

In the segment "The Top of the World", Rusty came along with Little Bear and Father Bear to go to the top of the world. While they were at Clear Blue Lake, Rusty taught Little Bear how to fish without a fishing rod. When they finally arrived at the top of the world, Rusty and Father Bear found that their sticks were still there. When showed them to Little Bear, he planted his own stick.

In the segment "The Campfire Tale", Rusty, Father Bear, and Little Bear were camping out and Rusty told Little Bear a story about a little bear cub who wanted to bring the moon back to his mother bear.

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  • Rusty loves the woods
  • Rusty has a harmonica that he likes to play, but he only ever plays one song.
  • Rusty is a logger.
  • Rusty had a red handkerchief in the segment "Building a House for Emily", but by the time of "The Big Bear Sitter", he has a blue one instead. Also, in between these episodes, he got a new harmonica.
  • Rusty has never met Hen or Emily despite having helped build the latter's house.