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"Maby this piece was important." - Raccoon ("Little Bear's Band")

Raccoon, as his name suggests, is a male raccoon. His main specialty is fixing broken things, but he doesn't seem to be good at it. ("Little Bear's Band")


In the segment "Little Bear's Band", he attempted to fix Mother and Father Bear's record player after it broke before Grandfather and Grandmother Bear's golden anniversary party. However, he misjudged vital parts needed for the record player to work properly as unneeded materials and tossed them away. ("Little Bear's Band")

He tested the player two times. The first time, the record player began to shake. After a few tweaks, he tried it again. For the first few seconds, it seemed to work. But then, the record player started to shake and play faster and faster until it exploded. Shocked, Raccoon began to wonder if the pieces he took out were important after all. ("Little Bear's Band")

Later, as Little Bear and his band played music to cover for the record player, Raccoon picked up the pieces of the record player that were scattered all over the yard following the explosion. ("Little Bear's Band")


Background information

Raccoon's only appearance was in "Little Bear's Band".

It is unknown if Raccoon was able to fix the record player or not.