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Pudding Hill is a very tall hill. Little Bear at first called it Sky Mountain, not knowing it's true name. Little Bear and Father Bear liked to camp out there and Little Bear brought his friends there for a picnic at least once.


In the segment "Pudding Hill", Little Bear and Father Bear set off on a hiking trip. Planning to go as far as the road would take them, they ultimately came to Pudding Hill. Little Bear and Father Bear spent the night camped out before heading home in the morning.

In the segment "Picnic on Pudding Hill", Little Bear, Emily, Duck, Cat, Owl, Hen, and No Feet went on a picnic to Pudding Hill.

In The Little Bear Movie, Little Bear and Father Bear again went camping on Pudding Hill. While there, they met a young bear named Cub.


To get to Pudding Hill, you start by following the road from Little Bear's house to a river with a hollow log across it. After crossing the river, you continue to follow the road a short distance to the base of Pudding Hill. From there you climb to the top of Pudding Hill.

You can also get to Pudding Hill from the other side by following a trail up the side of the hill to a hollow log that stretches from one side of a ravine to the other. Once you go threw the log, you come out on the other side of Pudding Hill.