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Polar Bear is the second story in the second episode of Little Bear.


When Little Bear, Duck, and Cat come to paint Hen's house, white paint spills on Little Bear, leaving him all white. When Little Bear heads home to get cleaned up, Owl mistakes him for a polar bear from the North Pole, and Little Bear finds this fascinating. When Little Bear gets home, Mother Bear gives him a bath.

Characters Present


  • This is the first episode seeing Little Bear as a polar bear.


  • Duck accidentally knocks Hen's paint on Little Bear and thinks he is a polar bear but when he jumps in the frozen icy lake chasing fish, he's still covered in paint and it does not wash off, but when he goes home to show Mother Bear his polar bear form, the paint washes off when she rinses him off in the bathtub.
    • Perhaps the reason the paint didn't come off when he was in the lake is because it was only in his imagination.