Ready for my knuckle ball?!
~ Cat
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Play Ball




9b (71 overall)


November 26, 1996


Auntie Hen


Lucy's Okay

"Play Ball" is the second story in the 24th episode of the animated children's series Little Bear.


Little Bear, grumpy at the loss of his favorite ball, finds his friends using it to start a game of baseball at Emily's house. When Little Bear hits a home run he realizes that he has been a grouch and apologizes to Emily, and his friends continues to "play ball."

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Little Bear Auntie Hen Play Ball Lucy's Okay - Ep

Little Bear Auntie Hen Play Ball Lucy's Okay - Ep. 24



  • This is the first segment to include Little Bear saying an adult joke about how Emily looks like a boy.
  • This is also the first segment where Duck does something in a misheard-way, since Duck Takes the Cake.
  • This the first and only episode Emily and Little Bear argue and don't get along even though they still love each other and play together.
  • This is is the first episode seeing Emily with her hair in a ponytail.


  • Owl mentions that baseball only has one base, which is false. Baseball actually has three bases.
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