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"I've read every book in the library!"
― Owl, "Hiccups"

Owl is a male, intelligent, and short-eared owl. He is one of Little Bear's friends. Owl lives in a treehouse.


Owl is the wise one. At times he acts like he's better than the rest of the characters but nonetheless is very knowledgeable and sensible. Owl may be short, but he's also intelligently, truthful, and honest. Even though he might act ridiculous sometimes, he's always just trying to be smart.


Hen has been shown to have a crush on Owl. When Owl was the "it" in "kissing tag", he kissed Hen on the side of her face. Hen said, "I didn't know you cared." Owl replied, "I don't! I mean...I do!" Later, Hen asked Owl to walk her down the aisle.



  • Owl always writes a poem in his valentines.
  • In the episode "Little Bear's Band", Owl plays the lute.
  • It's implied that Owl has a crush on Hen.
  • Owl was The Justice of The Peace in "The Wedding".
  • Owl loves to read books but he also loves to play games with Little Bear and his friends.