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No Feet

No Feet is a friendly, gentle, intelligent and sociable green snake that lives in Mother Bear's garden. His favorite food, from all the vegetables in the garden, is peas, and he loves tongue twisters and is afraid of Mole before getting to know him. Ironically, he hates worms, though he is similar to them, being a snake.

His first appearance was in the episode "Little Bear Meets No Feet". His appearances were all around the episode.


Little Bear first meets No Feet when he discovers him in Mother Bear's garden. No Feet says that he named himself, as he has no known parents or siblings. Sympathetic to No Feet's loneliness, Little Bear offers No Feet his bedroom to share. Mother Bear hesitantly agrees though she is unsure No Feet will like living in the house.

No Feet asks for some dirt to sleep in, so Little Bear finds a small potted plant to use. No Feet is obviously uncomfortable, scrunched in a tiny pot, and Mother Bear points this out, asking No Feet if it's more comfortable out in the garden. From then on, No Feet lives in Mother Bear's garden.


  • Him not knowing if he has a family may be a reference to how most snake species in the wild are loners and how snake parents do not look after their offspring and leave them on their own lives by themselves.