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Nelvana is Canadian/American animation studio that produces many media like cartoons for Kids to Adults. It was founded in 1971, and it’s owned by: Corus Entertainment.

The studio has been producing/animating many award-winning cartoons from many companies. They didn’t only worked for Canadian cartoons from Canadian companies, they also produce cartoons from other countries and companies from other countries. As for that, the studio became a big hit for the world of animation, and Nelvana became the award-winning animation studio for America & Canada. The company also made some live-action media and animated films. The company also makes cartoons/media created by themselves. They are best known for making cartoons based off book series. Which is why Nelvana is the best company who made and written the most popular and Gemini Award-winning children’s cartoon called: Little Bear The company’s main HQ is in Corus Quay, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. But not only the HQ is in Canada, they also have HQs in other countries, like: USA, Paris, Tokyo, etc. So Nelvana works all around the world.

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