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Mrs. Skunk
Mrs. Skunk


Mrs. Skunk

First Appearance

"The Kiss"

Last Appearance

"The Wedding"


Mr. Skunk (husband)

Mrs. Skunk is the wife of Mr. Skunk. In the episode "The Kiss" she is picking a bouquet of flowers for her wedding. Little Bear asks her who she’s marrying and she replies with "I don’t know yet, but it’ll be someone wonderful". When Hen kisses her during their game of "Kissing Tag" she tries to kiss Little Bear but when he playfully runs away she meets Mr. Skunk and they share a kiss and fall in love with each other and decided to get married. In the episode “The Wedding” while she was getting dressed for the wedding and Little Bear was trying to get her attention, Mrs. Skunk got scared and accidentally sprays Little Bear. When Little Bear was about to walk Mrs. Skunk down the aisle, the wedding guests could smell how bad Little Bear was. And she came up with a way to cover up the stench with a lei. The wedding starts and Little Bear walks Mrs. Skunk down the aisle. After Owl recites the ceremony Mr. Skunk and Mrs. Skunk kiss and is now married. Before leaving the wedding reception, Little Bear gives Mr. Skunk and Mrs. Skunk a painting of them kissing. Mrs. Skunk gives Little Bear a thank you kiss before leaving with Mr. Skunk.

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