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"Hi there, little ones."
― Moose, "Hop Frog Pond"

Moose is a male eastern moose who sometimes helps Little Bear and his friends when they are in need.


In the segment "Pudding Hill", while Little Bear and Father Bear were on there way to Pudding Hill, they ran into Moose. Since he was in their path, they walked under him to continue on their way.

In the segment "Little Bear's Band", Grandfather and Grandmother Bear celebrated 50 years of marriage with a golden anniversary party at Mother and Father Bear's house. Attendants included Grandmother Bear, Grandfather Bear, Mother Bear, Father Bear, Little Bear, Emily, Owl, Cat, Duck, Hen, Moose, Raccoon, two skunks, and two squirrels.

In the segment "Hop Frog Pond", while he was on his way to Hop Frog Pond, Moose ran into Little Bear, Emily, Duck, Cat, Owl, and Hen. Since they were also going there, he gave them a ride the rest of the way.

In the segment "The Rain Dance Play", Moose was one of the guests at "The Rain Dance Play", a play put on by Little Bear, Emily, Duck, Cat, Owl, and Hen. Other attendants included two skunks, Grandmother and Grandfather Bear, Mother and Father Bear, and four gophers.

In the segment "Little Bear and the North Pole", Little Bear and Duck ran into Moose while trying to find the North Pole. After helping them find a fence pole that they think is the North Pole, Moose helped Little Bear and Duck take it to Little Bear's house.

In the segment "Building a House for Emily", Moose helped Father Bear, Grandfather Bear, and Rusty Bear raft the logs for Granny's house down the river to the site of construction.

In the segment "Snowbound", when Mother Bear, Father Bear, and Little Bear were snowbound with Granny, Tutu, Emily, and Lucy at Granny's house, Moose made a path through the snow so the bears could get back to their home.

In the segment "The Blueberry Picnic", Moose was one of the attendants of the Blueberry Play. In the play, the troll was played by Little Bear. The other parts were given to Tutu, Emily, Duck, Cat, and Hen. Attendants included Mother Bear, Father Bear, Granny, Owl, No Feet, Moose, two deer, three squirrels, three raccoons, four gophers, and four rabbits.

In the segment "Little Bear's Sweet Tooth", Moose celebrated Harvest Day at the Harvest Day Picnic, along with Grandmother Bear, Grandfather Bear, Mother Bear, Father Bear, Little Bear, Emily, Duck, Cat, Hen, Owl, Mitzi, Granny, and Tutu.

In the segment "The Great Race", Little Bear, Duck, Cat, Mitzi, and Frog had a "great race".

In the segment "The Great Race", Little Bear, Duck, Cat, Mitzi, and Frog decided to have a "great race." This race went along the stream, through the bushes, through the woods, down the hill, across the field with the tall grass, through more woods, and across Little Bear's yard. Little Bear's house served as the finish line. All went well until the racers exited the field. At that point, they all got stuck in a ditch. Luckily for them, Moose happened to be on the other side and used his antlers to pull them out.

In the segment "Goblin Night", Moose wore a sombrero for Goblin Night and joined Mother Bear, Father Bear, Little Bear, Duck, Cat, Owl, Mitzi, two of the otters, four rabbits, and a raccoon for dinner and pumpkin seeds in the dark of night.

In the segment "Picnic on the Moon", Little Bear, Duck, Cat, and Owl went "to the moon" to have a picnic. While there, they first met up with Moose. Next, Mother Bear came with a picnic. Once they had eaten their fill, Moose took them all home.

In the segment "The Wedding", Moose was a guest at the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Skunk. Others present included Grandmother Bear, Grandfather Bear, Mother Bear, Father Bear, Little Bear, Tutu, Emily, Lucy, Duck, Cat, Owl, Hen, No Feet, Marshmallow, Frog, and two unnamed frogs.

In The Little Bear Movie, Little Bear, Duck, Cat, Owl, Hen, and Cub, their new friend, went on a search party to find Cub's Mother and father. After putting up pictures of Cub around the wilderness, waiting a while, and coming back to check on them, they were all gone. Then, they ran into Moose. He told them that the birds and squirrels had taken the pictures for their nests and that the raccoons had taken their big banner to make a dam.

While Duck went to put the picture of Cub that Moose had managed to get somewhere that Cub's parents would be sure to see it, Little Bear, Cub, Cat, Hen, Owl, and Moose all went to the river to get some fish and try to get back the banner. Unfortunately, the beavers, who were unhappy that the raccoons built a dam, arrived and broke open the banner. This unleashes a heavy burst of water that pushes Little Bear and Cub downstream to a waterfall.

After this, Moose took the rest of Little Bear's friends back to Little Bear's house to tell Mother and Father Bear. Luckily, Little Bear, Cub, and Duck, who got lost, were all right. Mother Bear, Father Bear, Cat, Owl, Hen, and Moose found them and ultimately Cub found his parents.

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  • Moose likes to chew grass.
  • Moose's catchphrase is "Hi there, little ones." In the segment "Little Bear and the North Pole", he said a variation on it: "Hellow, little ones."
  • Moose has "always said" that "getting there is half the fun."