The footstool is for feet, not flying!
~ Daddy Bear
That's a Funny One, Cat.png Tell me a story about Dumpty!
~ Baby Bear to Mitzi
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Monster Pudding
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5b (101 overall)


October 15, 1997


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Under the Covers

Monster Pudding is the second story in the 34th episode of the animated children's series Little Bear.


Father Bear is grouchy from lack of sleep and becomes a monster in the eyes of Little Bear, Owl and Mitzi. The only way of appeasing the monster is by feeding him monster pudding which reverts him back to Father Bear.

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  • Duck, Hen and Cat don't appear in this segment episode.
  • This is the first episode seeing Mother Bear and Father Bear as monsters only when they're mad, the only reason why Father Bear is a monster because he's complaining about not sleeping, Mother Bear only turns into the monster because she was surprised and wasn't too happy with the big mess everyone made.
  • on The Gritty+, the episode is titled as Father Bear the Monster.
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