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Mitzi is one of Little Bear's friends. She met Little Bear and his friends while going on safari looking for bears.

Her first appearance was in the episode "Mitzi Arrives".


Mitzi is a 5-year-old mischievous tomboyish monkey who at times is up to no good. She lives in a treehouse in the forest near Little Bear's home. She sometimes tricks and cheats her way into winning some of the games she participates in with Little Bear and friends. However, Mitzi always feels guilty after hurting someone's feelings or misleading them, which allows young viewers to relate and sympathize with her at times.


Mitzi lives in a treehouse in the forest around Little Bear's home.




  • Mitzi is not named after the animal she is, unlike most characters on Little Bear.
  • Mitzi loves to make a mess, which is shown in the Little Bear episode "Mitzi's Mess".
  • Mitzi considers herself an explorer, and her goal in life was to meet a bear, which she does (Little Bear) in her introduction episode.
  • Mitzi has a monster puppet she calls Monster. She says her parents gave it to her because she is a little monster herself, though Little Bear is the only main character with parents shown.
  • Mitzi only appears in 3 episodes of Season 4.
  • In the Little Bear episode, "Little Bear's Sweet Tooth", Mitzi cheats during the Harvest Day sack race by swinging in the trees, is disqualified and Owl and Granny teach her a lesson.
  • Mitzi doesn't appear in The Little Bear Movie.