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Mitzi is a tomboyish monkey who loves to play games and have fun. She is mischievous and athletic and loves to be out in the open and study things; especially bears. Mitzi's favorite food is honey.


In the segment "Mitzi Arrives", Mitzi arrived in Bear Country while on safari looking for bears. As she explored, she ran into Little Bear, Emily, Lucy, Tutu, Duck, Cat, and Owl, who were skipping rope. Since they had run out of rhymes to skip to, Mitzi contributed some. Unfortunately, these rhymes made Little Bear's friends slip up and get out of step. After this, Mitzi nearly left, but then they apologized to each other and Mitzi became their friend.

In the segment "Little Bear Sing a Song", Mitzi, Little Bear, Emily, Lucy, Duck, Cat, Owl, and Hen made up a song.

Just before the segment "A House for Mitzi", Mitzi had a sleepover at Little Bear's house. But when Little Bear woke up the next morning, he found that Mitzi had gone outside to sleep in a tree. When Mitzi was asked why she responded that back when she lived in The Jungle she would sleep in trees. No Feet retorted that, unlike The Jungle, it gets cold in Bear Country and thus Mitzi could not sleep in a tree all the time.

Little Bear decided that since Mitzi insisted to sleep in a tree, she would need a treehouse. Mitzi didn't agree, but her friends were too excited to realize. Throughout the rest of the day, Little Bear, Duck, Cat, and No Feet worked on building a treehouse for Mitzi, Hen made curtains for the treehouse, and Emily and Owl hung a tire swing. By evening, the treehouse was finished.

Later, they strung lanterns through the branches and had a small tea party to celebrate the completion of the treehouse. During the celebration, Little Bear realized that, although Mitzi liked the house, she was sad because she wouldn't be able to sleep in a tree anymore. Because of this, Little Bear decided to pull out some of the boards to allow Mitzi to run out onto a branch and sleep outside.

In the segment "Up a Tree", while Little Bear was on his way to go swimming, Mitzi got him to come up into the trees and play tag with her. Although she was faster and more agile than Little Bear, he managed to sneak up on her and tag her. After that, he continued to the pond where he had planned to go swimming from the start.

In the segment "Mitzi's Little Monster", Little Bear, Emily, and Mitzi put on a puppet show with Fisherman Bear, Lucy, and Mitzi's doll playing parts at a tea party. Little did Emily and Little Bear know that Mitzi's doll was a little monster! After Emily got over the initial surprise, they continued the show.

During the tea party, Monster quickly got angry at not being allowed to take 11 lumps of sugar with his tea. This led to a tussle between Lucy and Monster. Luckily, Fisherman Bear defused the situation by catching a fish. However, this further angered Monster prompting him to try and eat Fisherman Bear.

After this, Mitzi's Monster was thrown up into a tree. Cat quickly retrieved Monster and the tea party continued. From that point, Monster tried to get Lucy to kiss him. After another tussle, Fisherman Bear fainted. Next, Mitzi's Monster fainted as well and Lucy had to kiss both Mitzi's Monster and Fisherman Bear to wake them. Then they finally started their tea party and the show ended.

In the segment "Simon Says", Mitzi, Little Bear, Emily, Duck, Cat, and Owl played Simon Says. First, Emily was Simon. Next, it was Little Bear. Then, it was Mitzi, and finally, it was Duck.

In the segment "Out of Honey", on his way to Grandmother Bear's house to get more honey, Little Bear ran into Mitzi. After tasting honey, it became her favorite new food. Not knowing that bees sting, she ran to the hive and got stung. Little Bear and Mitzi ran to a pond to escape the bees.

Once they got to Grandmother Bear's house, got bandaged up before returning to the hive with Grandmother and Grandfather Bear to gather some honey. Little Bear's grandparents brought protective clothing to keep them safe from the bees. This allowed them to get some honey.

In the segment "Little Bear's Sweet Tooth", Mitzi celebrated Harvest Day at the Harvest Day Picnic, along with Grandfather Bear, Grandmother Bear, Mother Bear, Father Bear, Little Bear, Emily, Duck, Cat, Hen, Owl, Granny, Tutu, and Moose. During the sack race, Mitzi was disqualified for swinging through the trees. Owl tried to stop Mitzi, and ultimately Emily and Cat tied for first place.

Later, Mitzi participated in a game of musical chairs along with Tutu, Cat, Owl, Little Bear, Emily, Grandfather Bear, Duck, Grandmother Bear, Mother Bear, Father Bear, and Hen, with Granny operating the record player. The first one out was Little Bear. The next five to go (in an unknown order) were Grandfather Bear, Grandmother Bear, Hen, Mitzi, and Owl. And the final five to go (again in an unknown order) were Duck, Mother Bear, Father Bear, Cat, and Emily, leaving Tutu as the champion.

In the segment "Monster Pudding", Little Bear, Owl, and Mitzi make monster pudding to get Father Bear out of his "monster" mood.

In the segment "Marbles", Mitzi, Duck, Cat, and Tutu were planning to jump out and scare Little Bear. But Duck came out and gave them away because she was distracted by the marbles that Little Bear was playing with. After that, Mitzi, Little Bear, Duck, Cat, and Tutu started playing "strait shoot keepsies: no sidearms, skippers, bouncers, or wick-wacks". In the game, Mitzi won all the marbles except one. Little Bear and Mitzi then had a playoff where Little Bear won back all his marbles. In the end, Mitzi apologized for "seeking keepsies in there" and Little Bear gave each of his friends, including Mitzi, a marble all their own.

In the segment "Dance Steps", Mother Bear, Father Bear, Little Bear, Granny, Tutu, Emily, Lucy, Cat, Duck, Hen, Owl, and Mitzi, visited Grandfather and Grandmother Bear at their house in the woods to celebrate New Year's Eve. To stay awake, Little Bear and his friends made up little dances to keep themselves occupied. Mitz's was called "The Mitzi" and involved swinging back and forth while hanging by one arm from the top of a doorway.

In the segment "Who Am I?", Little Bear, Emily, Lucy, Duck, Cat, Owl, Hen, and Mitzi were playing I spy. Eventually, they decided to play "Who Am I?" instead. First, Little Bear went. Next was Cat, then Duck. After Duck, Mitzi had her turn. She did Lucy for her turn.

In the segment "Emily's Birthday", Little Bear, Duck, Cat, Owl, Hen, and Mitzi visited Granny's house to celebrate Emily's birthday. During the party, Mitzi raced Owl in an egg-and-spoon race. During the race, Owl lost control of the egg, but Cat managed to catch it. Mitzi won, although she too dropped the egg from the spoon as she reached the finish line.

In the segment "The Great Race", Little Bear, Duck, Cat, Frog, and Mitzi decided to have a "great race." This race went along the stream, through the bushes, through the woods, down the hill, across the field with the tall grass, through more woods, and across Little Bear's yard. Little Bear's house served as the finish line.

As the race began, Little Bear was in the lead, with Cat right on his tail, Mitzi closing close behind, and Duck and Frog tied at the rear. As they entered the woods, Mitzi used her great affinity for swinging from branch to branch to sing ahead of Cat and then Little Bear, taking first place.

Then, when she got to the top of the hill and didn't have any branches to swing to, she tumbled down the hill. Little Bear followed suit, but Cat ran down the hill to gain extra momentum. Finally, Duck, with Frog on her back, slid down the hill, still at the tail end.

Cat, using his momentum built up from running down the hill, ran right into the field with the tall grass. He was quickly followed by Little Bear, now in second place, Mitzi, in fourth, and Duck and Frog, still tied for fifth place.

As the racers entered the field, they found themselves disoriented due to the tall grass. Luckily for Duck, Frog was able to leap above the grass and point Duck in the right direction. Because of this, Little Bear, Cat, and Mitzi ran into each other, and Duck and Frog took the lead.

As they exited the field, Duck started to fly to gain extra speed, but this made Frog nervous, so they came down to the ground. Unfortunately, they came down in a ditch. Little Bear, Mitzi, and Cat all ran into it as well. Luckily for them, Moose happened to be on the other side and used his antlers to pull them out.

When they got out, they were all too tired to keep running, so Moose carried them through the woods to Little Bear's yard. When they got there, Frog immediately jumped from Duck to Moose, to Cat, to Mitzi, to Little Bear, to the side door of Little Bear's house. And thus, Frog won the great race.

In the segment "Circus for Tutu", Little Bear, Emily, Tutu, Duck, Cat, Owl, and Hen put on a circus that they call "The Little Bear Circus". In the circus, "The Amazing Mitzi" did a trapeze act.

In the segment "Mitzi's Mess", while Mother Bear was gone, Owl and Mitzi came over to Little Bear's house to fly his new toy airplane. Unfortunately, when they got there, it was raining, so they couldn't go out and fly it. Mitzi, not being one to be deterred, convinced them that they could fly it inside. This quickly led to the curtain being ripped when the plane got stuck at the top and both Owl and Mitzi tried to get it. After this, an escalating chain of events led to a mess, which Little Bear and Mitzi tried to clean up while Owl stalled Mother Bear who was arriving. In the end, everything was alright, as Mother Bear understood what had happened.

In the segment "Goblin Night", Mitzi dressed up as a goblin for Goblin Night. She scared Little Bear, Duck, Cat, and Owl, before showing them that she was just Mitzi. Then they all joined Mother Bear, Father Bear, Moose, two of the otters, four rabbits, and a raccoon for dinner and pumpkin seeds in the dark of night.

In the segment "Duck Soup", Little Bear, Duck, and Cat were playing a game with Mitzi and Mitzi's Monster. In the game, the three of them would try to hide from Monster. When they hid in the leaf pile, Monster got Duck and wanted to have Duck Soup. They all went into Little Bear's house and Duck got into a big pot.

They filled the pot with water and put in potatoes, onions, and carrots. After that, they added all of Duck's favorite things: honey, flowers, cinnamon, cocoa, bananas, peaches, one red apple, and cream. After the Duck Soup was finished, Mother Bear came in and added crackers.

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  • Mitzi has a talent for making up rhymes, but sometimes they can hurt other people's feelings.
  • Mitzi must have met Hen between the episodes "Mitzi Arrives" and "Little Bear Sing a Song".
  • Mitzi is also good at making up songs.
  • Mitzi lived in the jungle before she came to live in Bear Country.
  • Mitzi likes to chew on leaves and twigs.
  • Mitzi's treehouse is right next to Little Bear's house in the segments "A House for Mitzi" and "Monster Pudding", but in "Frog in My Throat", it is further out in the woods.
  • Mitzi is good at tree tag.
  • Mitzi has a monster puppet she calls Monster. Her parents gave it to her because she is a little monster.
  • Mitzi's seen a lot of marbles. She knows their names and knows a lot of marble games.
  • Mitzi loves making messes.
  • Mitzi is not named after the animal she is, unlike most of Little Bear's friends.