Marshmallow is a baby female white skunk. She is found by Owl and Little Bear in the episode Little White Skunk. In the episode The Wedding she’s the Flower Girl in Mr. and Mrs. Skunk’s wedding. She is named Marshmallow, because her white fur looks like the same color of a: Marshmallow.

First Appearance: Little White Skunk

Last Appearance: The Wedding


  • Marshmallow isn’t really called: "Marshmallow", Little Bear and Owl just called it that, once Marshmallow was lost. But when her parents found her, they didn’t said her real name. But since that Little Bear and Owl called the skunk a random name (and no one else), the skunk is called: "Marshmallow", as of now.
  • Marshmallow makes three appearances throughout the series, her first appearance is in the episode "Little White Skunk" when she’s found by Little Bear and Owl who try to find her parents. The second appearance is in the episode “Little Footprint” when Little Bear, Owl, Duck and Cat follow her footprints and they all play in the snow together and go back to Little Bear's house for hot chocolate and a nap. Her third and final appearance is in the episode "The Wedding" when she’s the Flower Girl in Mr. Skunk and Mrs. Skunk’s wedding.
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