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Lucy's Okay
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November 26, 1996


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Lucy's Okay is the third story in the 24th episode of the animated children's series Little Bear.


Owl is napping in a tree when Emily and Little Bear ask him to watch Lucy. Owl agrees without having processed the request and goes back to sleep, Emily leaving Lucy under the tree he is sleeping on. Leaves cover Lucy from view, and Duck comes up to Owl and naps with him, inadvertently sitting on top of Lucy. When Owl wakes up and tells Duck she is sitting on Lucy, Duck panics.

Emily and Little Bear return and Duck tells them what happened. Emily tells her friends that Lucy is dead, and Owl voices his disbelief, as Lucy is a doll and cannot die. Emily informs him that Lucy is indeed dead, and the four friends tearfully bring her to Little Bear's house. Duck first takes the blame for Lucy's death, but Emily argues that is is her fault. Little Bear suggests saying it was everybody's fault, or nobody's fault. Emily agrees that it was nobody's fault, and once at Little Bear's house, they look for something to bury Lucy in. Emily explains to Mother Bear that Lucy has died, and Mother Bear gives Emily a box to use.

While picking flowers for the funeral, they meet up with Hen and Cat, and Emily invites them to join the funeral. They each give a eulogy, ending with Duck, who tearfully sobs, "Oh, Lucy!" She drops her flowers, still covered in dirt, onto Lucy in her coffin. Emily cautions Duck to be careful as Lucy hates dirt on her clothes, then says to Lucy, "Isn't that right, dear?" Everyone recalls that though the funeral was meant to be pretend, it was so sad that they almost forgot. Little Bear suggests chocolate cake at his house. While walking there, Duck asks to carry Lucy, and Emily gives her to Duck.

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  • Duck cried because she would miss Lucy so bad, she drops her flowers, still covered in dirt, onto Lucy in her coffin. She would have to cry again in the episode, Caterpillars.