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Emily holding Lucy.

Lucy is a female doll who belongs to Emily. Only she can "understand" and "talk" to her.

Her first appearance was in the episode "Little Bear's New Friend".


Lucy has short blonde hair and wears a red short puffy-sleeved dress, white apron with a red and white bonnet and brown shoes.


Lucy is graceful, a bit intelligent (smart), but she always likes to have fun, and she likes to use her/her friends' imagination when playing games (but only with verification from Emily). She does not talk just because she is a doll, but she only talks in her head. However, she is not only a doll who cannot talk but talk in her head, she has endless possibilities in her head that could go into the imagination of the real world. When Lucy is talking in her head in a Little Bear segment, sound effects are played so the viewers know that she is talking. Sometimes, Emily imitates Lucy's sayings. And she knows how Lucy sounds like (even though Lucy does not talk), so when Emily imitates Lucy's sayings, she imitates it in Lucy's voice. But remember, Emily is the only one who can know what Lucy is saying.


  • In the segment Party at Owl's House, Lucy fell down a tree and broke her plastic arm, and then Little Bear fixed it with tape.
  • They has also been not many but big incidents with Lucy. For example, in the segment Lucy's Okay, Duck once mistakenly sat on Lucy and then Lucy died. So in order to make everyone feel happy again, they had a funeral. And at the end at the funeral, Lucy woke up, and she became alive again. But overall, Lucy was not really dead, she was pretending, and so as her friends. So Lucy and her friends were using their imagination.
  • Lucy loves to use "her"/"her friends"' imagination, she does it in almost every Lucy-related episode.