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Little Peep is one of Mother Duck's four ducklings. Little Peep is somewhat clumsy and likes to have fun.


In the segment "Duck, Baby Sitter", Duck duckling sat Little Peep and two of her three sisters. They all went to a picnic with Little Bear, Emily, Cat, Owl, and Hen. During the picnic, Little Peep and her sisters made trouble in the game of croquet that the others were playing. Then, Little Peep rolled off laughing into the pond. This prompted a search in which Little Bear eventually found Little Peep.

In the segment "Something Old, Something New", Duck, Little Peep, her sisters, Little Bear, Emily, Owl, Lucy, and Fisherman Bear play "Wedding Day" and they all try to find something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue for Lucy and Fisherman Bear's wedding.

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  • Little Peep doesn't appear in the segment "Duck Loses Her Quack". Given that she already knows how to quack in "Duck, Baby Sitter", it is likely that that is why she doesn't appear in "Duck Loses Her Quack" when all her sisters learn to quack.