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The Little Bear Wiki is a free encyclopedia website all about Little Bear! Anyone with a Fandom account can edit any article by clicking on the edit button at the top of any page. This makes it very easy for people to join our quest to become the greatest Little Bear encyclopedia ever!


The Little Bear Wiki was created on November 7, 2008, by User:Dené. Over the next month, they created many central pages for the wiki, including most of the pages for the main characters. User:Dené continued to contribute to the wiki off and on for the next ten years. By April 30, 2010, User:Wilhelmina Will had been given bureaucratic rights by User:Dené. Throughout their tenure, User:Wilhelmina Will created numerous episode pages. They made their last edit to date on September 8, 2010.

In October of 2011, User:Little Bear cub made their first edit on the Little Bear Wiki. They were made a bureaucrat by User:Dené and continued to contribute for many years. In June of 2013, User:KayleighMJ made her first edit to the Little Bear Wiki. Eventually becoming a bureaucrat, she led the wiki for around four years. For most of that time, she maintained a friendship with fellow admin User:ElsbridgeStationFan1995, who made their last edit to date on April 6, 2016.

In December of 2016, Wesley Hackett made their first edit on the Little Bear Wiki. About a month later, User:KayleighMJ closed her Fandom account. With User:Dené only periodically checking in on the wiki, User:Wilhelmina Will having not contributed for seven years, and User:Little Bear cub using a separate main account by this time, the Little Bear Wiki was left without bureaucratic leadership.

In February of 2017, as the Little Bear Wiki underwent a large wave of vandalism, Hackett put in an adoption request at Community Central. However, the request was rejected. On May 3, 2018, after more than a year without an active bureaucrat, User:Little Bear cub checked in. Seeing the situation, they gave Hackett full bureaucratic rights. A month later, User:Dené made their last edit to date.

On June 19, 2018, Areesh Malik made their first edit on the Little Bear Wiki. Quickly achieving a large number of edits, they repeatedly asked to be made an admin and/or bureaucrat, going as far as to submit two adoption requests, despite Hackett still being active. Finally, on September 28, 2018, Hackett made Malik a bureaucrat. Areesh Malik made their last edit to date on November 19, 2020, nearly five months after Wesley Hackett's last on May 22, 2020.

On February 25, 2022, User:Mr. Starfleet Command made his first edit on the Little Bear Wiki. Having been unmonitored for nearly one and a quarter years, the wiki was in disrepair. Over the following months, User:Mr. Starfleet Command achieved more than two thousand edits. Requiring administrative rights to perform certain actions, on May 7, 2022, he asked the bureaucrats of the wiki to promote him.

On June 5, 2022, after more than two years since the last bureaucrat was active, User:Little Bear cub accidentally signed into their account from the Littel Bear Wiki. Seeing User:Mr. Starfleet Command's request, they gave him bureaucratic rights. Over the following months, User:Mr. Starfleet Command continued to update the content of the wiki as well as the theme. There are currently 375 pages on the Little Bear Wiki.

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