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Little Bear Sing a Song
Little Bear Sings a Song




14a (85 overall)


January 13, 1997


Granny's Old Flying Rug


A House for Mitzi

🎵Little Bear, Little Bear, sing a song!🎵
~ Mitzi

Little Bear Sing a Song is the first story in the 29th episode of the animated children's series Little Bear.


What's the best way to remember a silly song? Little Bear's friends have an idea about making up a made up-song with made up-words that rhyme. When you try to follow the beat, you will get it, and it will be fun to sing along!


Little Bear and his friends create and act out their own song. They have fun doing such things as falling to the ground and wriggling their noses. It's getting late and it's nearly time for bed, but they're having so much fun that they don't want to stop --- at least not until everyone has taken a turn.

When everyone has finally taken a turn, it is time for Little Bear to go to bed.


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Little Bear Little Bear Sing A Song A House For Mitzi Up A Tree - Ep

Little Bear Little Bear Sing A Song A House For Mitzi Up A Tree - Ep. 29



  • The lyrics to the song featured in this episode: "Little Bear, Little Bear, sing a song. Ding dong! Run along, turn around, fall to the ground. Dance on your toes, wiggle your nose, wiggle your hips, do front flips, stand up tall, make yourself small."
  • All of the segments of Season 2 Episode 14 feature Mitzi, and all of the segments are all about Mitzi.
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