Little Bear Preschool Thinking Adventures



Little Bear Preschool Thinking Adventures is a CD-ROM game produced by Creative Wonders and published in 1999 by the Learning Company, based on the Little Bear books and television series.


Little Bear is planning a "Just Because" party for all of his friends. He sets out to visit each of his friends to invite them to the party, eventually arriving at the house of Grandmother Bear, who has a special surprise for his party. The player can help Little Bear collect vegetables and berries to make soup and pie for the party, and help Little Bear's friends complete tasks by playing learning activities. The activities in the game are all designed to reinforce learning skills for children ages 3-5.

List of Activities

  • Sketch Pad
  • Vegetable Picking
  • Duckling Hide and Seek
  • Berry Catching
  • Caterpillar Matching
  • Cricket Choir
  • Party Hats
  • Marble Game

Voice Cast


  • Although Father Bear is listed in the game's credits, he doesn't appear in the game and thus has no spoken lines.
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