Little Bear Wiki

Little Bear makes himself a moon hat out of a cardboard box and springs and voyages to the moon to discover that the moon has bears, flowers and animals just like the earth. [1]


Little Bear wakes up one morning having had a dream where he went to the Moon with a space helmet. He finds a box and two springs and uses them to create a replica of the space helmet from the dream. After this, Little Bear tells Mother Bear that he is going to fly to the Moon. Mother Bear is skeptical as to whether or not this will work, but Little Bear is still confident that it will and goes on his way.

As Little Bear went through the woods, he found a hill with a tree on it. After climbing the tree, he decided that he was high enough and proceeded to jump, hoping that he could use the momentum to fly up to the Moon. In fact, he tumbled down the tree and the hill to the forest floor. However, he was dizzy from having rolled down a hill, and thus his surroundings seemed like the Moon to him.

While "on the Moon," Little Bear notes that the Moon looks a lot like the Earth, having trees, birds, and flowers. As he continues to notice things, such as the "Moon music" made by grasshoppers, frogs, a stream, and some bees. After exploring for some time, Little Bear comes across what is in fact his own house but is in his game some house on the Moon.

After entering the house and rocking a chair back and forth, Little Bear noticed an egg in an egg cup on the table. Upon mounting one of the chairs around the table and readying to take a large bite out of the egg, Mother Bear enters and pretends to be a Moon bear whose own little bear flew to Earth earlier the same day. After this, Little Bear stopped playing his game and hugged his mother.