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Hmm, Interesting.
~ Little Bear’s catchphrase

Little Bear

Little Bear is a fictional character and the main protagonist in the animated television series Little Bear. He is voiced by Kristin Fairlie and first appeared on television in the series' pilot episode "What Will Little Bear Wear?" on November 6, 1995.

Little Bear's last appearance in the television series was in the episode "How Little Bear Met Owl". But wasn't the official one. Little Bear made his final appearance overall in The Little Bear Movie.


Little Bear is a feisty, curious and imaginative grizzly bear cub who lives in the forest with his family and friends, including Emily, his best friend. Throughout the series he did grow somewhat, as his voice became slightly deeper and he did not take naps as often.


Little bear and all his animal friends are always and play barefoot and without clothes, while the adult characters like Mother and Father Bear are usually seen wearing shoes and clothes. Despite this, he has worn clothes on certain occasions, like a scarf and winter hat when the weather is cold, a fishing hat when taken fishing, and finally, on one occasion, a black dress suit with a red necktie and black shoes.

In Season 1, his whole body (including Head, Arms, Torso, and Legs) was in a clumsy-style.


This is a full-view of Little Bear’s whole body/look, this ONLY appeared in the entire of Season 1

His face look a bit weird, ONLY when the episode is not close to his face. But when the episode is close up to his face, then his face looks in a nice-style.

In Season 2-4, his whole body was now in a much fancier-style and not too cartoony.

In Season 5 (when it was the season where the animation was made with an Animation Software), his whole body look the same (as Season 2-4) some times in the episodes. But sometimes in the episode, his head was a 50% cartoony, and some of the other parts of his body was 25% cartoony.


Little Bear lives in a stucco, timber, plaster, and brick house. 

Little Bear's home

Family & Friend Relationships


  • His catchphrase is "Interesting!"
  • He has the ability to hum softly and talk to animals and people.
  • In some of the episodes, Little Bear (himself)/his parents tell him that he's becoming a 'Bigger Bear'. But even though Little Bear is a cute little cub, and even though his name is called: "Little Bear", and even though his parents always wanted a Little Cub forever, his parents claims that he would be their 'Bigger' Little Bear, for he is his parent's Little Bear.
  • It‘s implied that Little Bear hasn't had a crush on Emily but became friends.
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