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Little Bear is an I Can Read! book published in 1957. It is the first book to feature the character Little Bear and would go on to spawn a further five books as well as a five-season kids show and a full-length move.

Official description

When it is cold, Mother Bear knows just the right coat to keep Little Bear warm. When he flies to the moon and back, she has lunch waiting for him. And of course she has the perfect surprise for his birthday!

Story synopsis

Little Bear is divided into four separate stories about the young cub.

What Will Little Bear Wear?

It is snowy outside, and Little Bear wants to go out and play. But no matter how much snow gear he wears, he is always cold. That is, until Mother Bear helps him realize that he never needed any of the layers, for his fur coat will always keep him warm.

Birthday Soup

It is Little Bear's birthday. But where is Mother Bear? Little Bear decides to make birthday soup for his friends in lew of a cake, but Mother Bear has never forgotten his birthday and by the end, Little Bear knows that she never will.

Little Bear Goes to the Moon

Little Bear, after showing his new space helmet to Mother Bear, is excited to fly to the Moon. After jumping from a little tree on a little hill, he has a wonderful time and comes home in time for lunch.

Little Bear's Wish

It's been a good day and now it's time for bed...but not before having a wish or two!

Background information

Little Bear is the first I Can Read! book.

The four stories in Little Bear went on to be adapted into segments in the show.

Little Bear is dedicated "TO BROOKE ELLEN AND WALLY".


Little Bear (character); Mother Bear; Little Bear's house; Birthday Soup; Hen; Duck; Cat; Moon

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