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Little Bear is a Canadian children's animated television series produced by Nelvana Limited in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It is based on the series of books of the same name, which were written by Else Holmelund Minarik and illustrated by Maurice Sendak. The show aired first from Monday, November 6, 1995, to Friday, November 7, 2003. [1]

Every half-hour episode of Little Bear is divided into three seven-minute segments. Most segments are new stories, but some are retellings of Else Holmelund Minarik's books (both she and Sendak were "closely involved in the creative process" when developing the new stories). [2]

A direct-to-video feature film titled The Little Bear Movie was released in 2001.

Set in the North American wilderness around the end of the 19th century, Little Bear goes on exciting adventures and learns new things with his friends Emily, Duck, Hen, Cat, and Owl. Mother Bear is a homemaker who looks after Little Bear, while Father Bear, a fisherman, is typically away on his ship, fishing.


Season 1 (1995 - 1996)

Episode Title Original airdate
00 Little Bear and The Rainstorm Night 1995-08-02
01 What Will Little Bear Wear? 1995-11-06
Hide and Seek
Little Bear Goes to the Moon
02 Birthday Soup 1995-13-11
Polar Bear
Gone Fishing
03 Up All Night 1995-11-20
Little Bear's Bath
Father Bear Comes Home
04 A Flu 1995-11-27
Fishing with Father Bear
05 Little Bear's Wish 1995-12-04
Little Bear's Shadow
A Present for Mother Bear
06 To Grandmother's House 1995-12-11
Grandfather Bear
Mother Bear's Robin
07 Hiccups 1995-12-18
Date with Father Bear
Pudding Hill
08 Little Bear's Mermaid 1996-01-08
Father's Flying Flapjacks
09 A Family Portrait 1996-01-15
Little Bear's New Friend
Emily's Visit
10 Duck, Baby Sitter 1996-01-22
Little Bear's Band
Hop Frog Pond
11 Little Bear and the Wind 1996-01-29
The Goblin Story
Not Tired
12 Grandfather's Attic 1996-02-06
Little Bear's Egg
Party at Owl's House
13 The Rain Dance Play 1996-02-13
Your Friend, Little Bear
Fall Dream
14 Little Bear the Magician 1996-02-20
Doctor Little Bear
Bigger Little Bear
15 Little Bear's Trip to the Stars 1996-02-27
Little Bear's Surprise
Little Bear and the North Pole

Season 2 (1996 - 1997)

Episode Title Original airdate
01 Little Bear Meets No Feet 1996-09-24
The Camp Out
Emily's Balloon
02 Cat's Short Cut 1996-10-01
Little Bear's Bad Day
Captain Little Bear
03 Building a House for Emily 1996-10-08
Emily Returns
Little Sherlock Bear
04 Little Bear's Tooth 1996-10-15
Little Red Riding Hood
Little Bear and the Cupcakes
05 Snowball Fight 1996-10-22
Winter Solstice
06 Little Bear's Garden 1996-11-05
Prince Little Bear
A Painting for Emily
07 Follow the Leader 1996-11-12
Little Scarecrow Bear
Little Bear and the Baby
08 Rafting on the River 1996-11-19
Little Bear's Kite
Night of the Full Moon
09 Auntie Hen 1996-11-26
Play Ball
Lucy's Okay
10 Between Friends 1996-12-02
The Blueberry Picnic
Lucy Needs a Friend
11 Picnic on Pudding Hill 1996-12-09
Little Bear's Walkabout
Secret Friend
12 Owl's Dilemma 1996-12-16
School for Otters
Spring Cleaning
13 Whale of a Tale 1997-01-06
Mitzi Arrives
Granny's Old Flying Rug
14 Little Bear Sing a Song 1997-01-13
A House for Mitzi
Up a Tree

Season 3 (1997 - 1998)

Episode Title Original airdate
01 Father Bear's Nightshirt 1997-09-14
How to Scare Ghosts
Search for Spring
02 Mitzi's Little Monster 1997-09-21
Simon Says
03 The Big Bear Sitter 1997-09-27
The Top of the World
The Campfire Tale
04 Out of Honey 1997-10-07
Message in a Bottle
Little Bear's Sweet Tooth
05 Where Lucy Went 1997-10-15
Monster Pudding
Under the Covers
06 Gingerbread Cookies 1997-10-21
The Garden War
07 The Red Thread 1997-10-30
Princess Duck
Little Bear Meets Duck
08 Mother Nature 1997-11-05
Dance Steps
Who Am I?
09 Emily's Birthday 1997-11-11
The Great Race
Circus for Tutu
10 Clever Cricket 1997-11-17
Big Bad Broom
11 Pillow Hill 1998-01-09
Diva Hen
Father Bear's Little Helper
12 I'll Be You, You'll Be Me 1998-01-16
Frog in My Throat
Puddle Jumper
13 Family Bath Time 1998-01-23
Winter Wonderland
Mitzi's Mess

Season 4 (1998 - 2000)

Episode Title Original airdate
01 Moonlight Serenade 1998-09-04
Goblin Night
02 Sleepover 1998-09-13
Happy Anniversary
03 The April Fool 1998-09-19
Balloon Heads
Mother Bear's Button
04 Little Bear and the Ice Boat 1998-09-26
Baby Deer
Invisible Little Bear
05 Valentines Day 1999-02-14
Thinking of Mother Bear
I Spy
06 Blue Feather 1999-05-15
Thunder Monster
Duck Soup
07 Little White Skunk 1999-05-16
Mother's Day
Little Footprint
08 Rainy Day Friends 1999-05-30
Little Goblin Bear
Picnic on the Moon
09 Little Bear and the Sea Monster 1999-08-12
Hat Parade
Finding Fisherman Bear
09 The Painting 2000-04-10
The Kiss
The Wedding

Season 5 (2001 - 2003)

Episode Title Original airdate
01 Duck Loses Her Quack 2001-12-20
Feathers in a Bunch
Detective Little Bear
02 The Sky is Falling 2002-04-19
Father's Day
Fisherman Bear's Big Catch
03 The Dandelion Wish 2002-05-07
The Broken Boat
Duck Takes the Cake
04 Magic Lemonade 2003-02-07
Silly Billy
Goodnight, Little Bear
05 First Frost 2003-03-14
Hello Snow
Duck and the Winter Moon
06 Little Bear Talks to Himself 2003-04-11
Who Do I Look Like?
Mister Nobody
07 I Can Do That 2003-04-22
Pied Piper Little Bear
The Big Swing
08 The Greatest Show in the World 2003-04-28
Lucky Little Bear
Little Bear's Tall Tale
09 Opposites Day 2003-04-30
Wish Upon a Star
Sleepy Head Monster
10 Little Bear's Favorite Tree 2003-05-05
Something Old, Something New
In a Little While
11 We're Lost 2003-05-09
Little Little Bear
Duck's Big Catch
12 Little Bear Scares Everyone 2003-09-25
The One That Got Away
Where Are Little Bear's Crayons?
14 How to Love a Porcupine 2003-11-07
A Houseboat for Duck
How Little Bear Met Owl


In 2001, the show was adapted into a direct-to-video film, again produced by Nelvana, called The Little Bear Movie. It was distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment in the U.S. The film's featured song, "Great Big World," was nominated for Best Original Song at the 2001 Video Premiere Awards. [3]


  1. (Canadian Theme)
    Composed by: Franz Schubert
  2. (American Theme)
    Composed by:
  3. Flying to the Moon
    Composed by: Lesley Barber
  4. Hide and Seek
    Composed by: Lesley Barber
  5. Little Bear's Room
    Composed by: Lesley Barber
  6. Emily's Theme
    Composed by: Lesley Barber
  7. Goodnight, Little Bear
    Composed by: Lesley Barber
  8. Mother Bear's Cake
    Composed by: Lesley Barber
  9. Mother Bear's Robin
    Composed by: Lesley Barber
  10. Playing With Emily
    Composed by: Lesley Barber
  11. Goodbyes
    Composed by: Lesley Barber
  12. Building a Snowman
    Composed by: Lesley Barber
  13. Skating on the Pond
    Composed by: Lesley Barber
  14. Let's Make this House a Home
    Composed by: Lesley Barber
  15. Night Travel
    Composed by: Lesley Barber
  16. Rainy Weather Theme
    Composed by: Lesley Barber
  17. Go to Bed, Little Bear
    Composed by: Lesley Barber
  18. Mermaid's Theme
    Composed by: Lesley Barber

Live show

In Canada, Little Bear was adapted into a live theatrical show, Little Bear: Winter Tales. It originally toured across Canada From (June 13, 2007 - November 23, 2009). [4]

Both tours were presented by Paquin Entertainment and were produced by Koba Entertainment.

Background information

Almost every episode opens and closes with a circle foreground, including the theme song. "Exploring" is the only segment not to end with a circle foreground.

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