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Little Bear's Visit is an I Can Read! book published in 1961. It is the fourth book in the series Little Bear.

Official description

Little Bear likes to visit Grandmother and Grandfather Bear. He likes Grandfather's hat and Grandmother's cooking. But most of all, he loves to listen to their stories!

Story synopsis

Little Bear's Visit is divided into four separate stories.

Grandmother and Grandfather Bear

Little Bear visits his grandparents' house and plays with Grandmother and Grandfather Bear.

Mother Bear's Robin

Grandmother Bear tells Little Bear a story of when Mother Bear was little and had a pet robin.

Goblin Story

Grandfather Bear tells Little Bear a story about a goblin and a thump in a cave! But only if you hold my paw, Little Bear. I might be scared!

Not Tird

It's been a full day, and Little Bear isn't tired...he can shut his eyes, but he isn't tired.

Background information

The four stories in Little Bear's Visit went on to be adapted into segments in the show Little Bear.

Although, like previous books in the Little Bear series, Little Bear's Visit is divided into four stories, they are all connected around a single visit that Little Bear makes to his grandparents' house.

Little Bear's Visit is dedicated "To all grandparents and all grandchildren".


Grandmother Bear; Grandfather Bear (character); Grandmother's house; Father Bear; Mother Bear; Little Robin

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