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Little Bear's Friend is an I Can Read! book published in 1960. It is the third book in the series Little Bear.

Official description

One summer Little Bear makes friends with a girl named Emily. But when summer ends, Emily must leave. Little Bear is very sad—until he finds a way to stay close to his friend even when she is far away!

Story synopsis

Little Bear's Friend is divided into four separate stories.

Little Bear and Emily

As Little Bear climbs down from a tree, he meets a girl named Emily who is lost. He helps her find her camp out and then came home to Mother Bear.

Duck, Baby Sitter

On their way to a party, Little Bear and Emily came across Duck and helped her find Little Peep.

The Party at Owl's House

Upon arriving at the party, Lucy, Emily's doll, wanted to sit in a tree. Then she fell. Luckily, Little Bear was able to fix her broken arm.

"Your Friend, Little Bear"

Summer is nearly over, and Emily has to go home. And although Little Bear is sad, his parents comfort him and he knows that she will be back next year. Over the winter, he learns to write and sends Emily a letter.

Background information

The four stories in Little Bear's Friend went on to be adapted into segments in the show Little Bear.

Little Bear's Friend is dedicated "To Mother and Father".


Little Bear (character); Little Bear's house; Mother Bear; Emily; Lucy; Emily's mother; Emily's father; Owl; Owl's Because Party; Owl's house; Duck; Little Peep; Little Peep's sisters; Mother Duck; Cat; Hen; Father Bear

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