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Little Bear's Band
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VHS tape

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Little Bear Sing a Song
Diva Hen
Clever Cricket
Little Bear's Band

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Little Bear's Band is a Little Bear VHS tape featuring four episodes from its 1st, 3rd and 4th seasons.

Episodes Featured


  1. Rugrats in Paris: The Movie Teaser Trailer
  2. Blue's Clues: Blue's Big Musical Movie VHS and DVD Trailer
  3. Blue's Clues VHS Trailer
  4. Little Bear VHS Trailer
  5. Rugrats VHS Trailer
  6. Paramount Feature Presentation/FBI Warning
  7. Paramount Home Video Logo
  8. Nick Jr. Kids Opening Bumper (Little Bear, Blue's Clues and Little Bill Variant)
  9. Face Sings The Yes No Opera
  10. Little Bear Theme Song
  11. Little Bear Sing a Song
  12. Diva Hen
  13. Clever Cricket
  14. Little Bear's Band
  15. Nick Jr. Kids Closing Bumper (Little Bear, Blue's Clues and Little Bill Variant)
  16. Little Bear Credits
  17. Nelvana Logo (1985)
  18. Nick Jr. Productions Logo (1993) (Catch)
  19. Nickelodeon Flower Logo
  20. Paramount Home Video Logo

Face Promo

  1. Face Sings The Yes No Opera


  • This VHS release was produced by Nick Jr. and Paramount Pictures on March 7, 2000.
  • These episodes from this VHS release were also included for the DVD release in 2005.
  • The Face Sings The Yes No Opera segment was previously seen on the 1997 VHS of Little Bear: Family Tales and would later be seen on the 2001 VHS of Little Bear: Let's Play a Game.
  • The previews from this VHS are the same previews as Blue's Clues: Magenta Comes Over 2000 VHS


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  • March 7, 2000