I'll Be You, You'll Be Me
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12a (121 overall)


January 16, 1998


Father Bear's Little Helper


Frog in My Throat

Written by

James Still

My name's Little Bear, and I'm going home.
~ Duck (who is pretending to be Little Bear)

I'll Be You, You'll Be Me is the first story in the 41st episode of Little Bear.


Little Bear wants to be like Duck and swim in the pond all day. Him and Duck play a game, where they both swap personalities with each other.

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  • This is the second episode where Birthday Soup was made, since Birthday Soup.
  • Little Bear and his friends appear in this segment but Owl is the only character that doesn't appear in this segment but he appears in the next segment Frog in My Throat.
  • This is the only segment in which Little Bear and Duck switch their names.
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