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Hide and Seek is the first VHS of Little Bear in Australia released in 1997 by ABC for Kids. It features the six stories. It was later released in 2003 as a limited edition.



What Will Little Bear Wear?

Little Bear is playing outside in the fresh snow, but when he keeps coming in for more and more warm clothing, Mother Bear begins to suspect it is not really the cold that is motivating him.

Hide and Seek

It is a perfect day for hide and seek, and Duck is quite excited about being the seeker. When Little Bear and his friends are tired of hiding, Duck needs Little Bear to help her.

Little Bear Goes to the Moon

Donning his brand new space helmet, Little Bear is ready to set off an expedition to the moon. After a bumpy landing, he finds the lunar terrain to be surprisingly familiar.

Birthday Soup

It is Little Bear's birthday, but he thinks his mother has forgotten. Little Bear's friends come over, while he makes his own birthday soup.

Polar Bear

When Little Bear, Duck, and Cat come to paint Hen's house, white paint spills on Little Bear, leaving him all white. When Little Bear heads home to get cleaned up, Owl mistakes him for a polar bear from the North Pole, and Little Bear finds this fascinating. When Little Bear gets home, Mother Bear gives him a bath.

Gone Fishing

Little Bear and Owl are off to catch a fish for tonight's supper. They may be at the edge of their shallow pond, but it is a wild, white-capped adventure in the high seas of their imagination.