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Little Bear and his friends Cat, Hen, Duck and Owl play hide and seek in the forest with Duck playing the seeker. [6]


Little Bear, Duck, Owl, and Hen are walking along when Cat jumps out and scares them. After this, Little Bear suggests that they all play hide and seek. They agree, but Duck wants to be the seeker because she never gets to be. After they all agree, she begins to count and it quickly becomes clear that she is very bad at being a seeker.

After everyone is hidden and Duck finishes counting, she starts to seek. As Cat continues to sneak up on and scare Little Bear's friends, most of them run around to find new hiding places and get away from Cat. Miraculously, Duck doesn't see any of them. After a while, Little Bear gets bored of waiting to be found, sneaks up on Duck, and gets "found".

As Little Bear and Duck go around looking for Cat, Owl, and Hen, find a muddy area. While Duck at first notices her own footprints in the mud, Little Bear points out that there are also hen tracks. He deduces that Hen must have been there, and Duck follows the tracks in a circle and gets dizzy, they find Hen singing at the top of her lungs.

After a good while of searching for Cat and Owl, Little Bear, Duck, and Hen hear a loud snoring sound. After closing in on it, they see a small branch on a log that is moving up and down with the beet of the snoring. As they peer over the log, they see Owl sleeping behind the log. Suddenly, Cat came up from a hollow in the log and scared them all! Since they were all found, Little Bear goes home.

Background information

After Duck says "I found you, whoever you are," she made a chicken sound which sounded like Hen's voice.


Opening credits

Written by
Neena Beber

Closing credits

Executive Producers
Maurice Sendak and John B. Carls
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National Captioning Centre
Produced by
Nelvana Limited
in association with
The Canadian Broadcasting Corproation
With assistance from the
Ontario Film Investment Program
Series © 1995 Nelvana Limited.
All Rights Reserved
Nelvana Limited is the owner of this motion picture for the purposes of copyright and other laws.


Duck; Hen; Little Bear (character); Owl; Cat; Frog; Mother Bear

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