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Hen is a cheerful and energetic chicken with an English accent and is one of Little Bear's friends. Even though she's sophisticated, mature, and likes things to be organized, she often joins in on the fun and adventures with Little Bear and his many friends.


Hen's home is a large chicken coop that she keeps clean at all times.



Hen has been shown to have a crush on Owl. When Owl kissed Hen during a game of "kissing tag", making her "it", Hen said, "I didn't know you cared." Owl replied, "I don't! I mean...I do!". Later, Hen asked Owl to walk her down the aisle and to dance with her at the wedding reception.



  • Hen thoroughly enjoys singing opera but is a terrible singer.
  • Hen likes No Feet, but she doesn't like it when he is on her properties.
  • In the episode "The Kiss", she was surprised and flattered when Owl kissed her implying that he has a crush on her.
  • In the episode "The Wedding", she and Duck were bridesmaids in Mr. and Mrs. Skunk's wedding. On that same occasion, Owl asked her to dance.