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Granny is an elderly human female with a pleasant demeanor. She loves knitting, telling stories, and making cookies. She is very cheerful and can be something of a rascal.


Traveling the world

Granny traveled the world for many years before settling down.

While Granny was a guest of the Tsar, a terrible blizzard came out of nowhere and they were trapped for days in the royal palace. While there, Granny learned how to dance. She also acquired two elaborate red and dark purple bathrobes with yellow and green trim.

While Granny was in Egypt, she bought a rug from a funny little old man with a gleam in his eye. He said to her "When this rug was young, it could actually fly."

Life in Bear Country

Granny's House

After going everywhere in the world, Granny settled down in Bear Country with her granddaughter, Emily, Emily's doll, Lucy, and Granny's pet dog, Tutu. In the segment "Emily Returns", the four of them came by balloon and met up with Emily's friends, who had built a log cabin for the four of them to live in.

In the segment "Little Red Riding Hood", Little Bear, Owl, Hen, Duck, and Cat were visiting Emily at Granny's House. They were planning to play croaky, but it was rainy, so instead, Granny told them the story of Little Red Riding Hood and had each of them play a character. By the time the story was over, the rain had stopped and Granny got up to make some cookies.

In the segment "Winter Solstice", Granny came over to Little Bear's House to celebrate the Winter Solstice. While there, she got into a snowball fight with Grandfather Bear, Little Bear, Emily, Owl, Duck, Cat, Hen, and Tutu.

In the segment "Snowbound", Little Bear and his parents visited Granny, Tutu, Emily, and Lucy. But when it was time to leave, the snow was so high that it blocked the door, meaning that Little Bear and his parents were snowbound and had to stay the night. In the morning, they woke up to find that Moose had cleared a path to Little Bear's House, so Little Bear and his parents departed.

In the segment "Granny's Old Flying Rug", Granny, Little Bear, and Emily brought out Granny's old rug she got in Egypt. Granny went to make lunch, and when she returned, she learned that Little Bear and Emily guessed the "magic word" to make the rug fly: "Abracadabracadabracadabra". Little Bear and Emily went on to say that they flew away on the rug, but it gave out and stranded them on a small island in the middle of a lake. They told Granny how the Mermaid came and fixed the rug with seaweed. While Granny was being told all this, she patched up the rug. Finally, the rug was repaired, and they all had lunch.

Friends and family



  • When making snow cream, Granny says a little rhyme that goes:
Whether the Weather be Cold,
Or Whether the Weather be Hot,
We'll Weather the Weather,
Whatever the Weather,
Whether we Like it or Not.
  • Granny takes afternoon naps.
  • Granny owns a flying carpet and a flying rug.
  • Granny calls things that are silly "applesauce".
  • Granny can understand toads.
  • When making gingerbread cookies, Granny likes to say a little rhyme that goes:
Hickor-Y, Dickor-Y, Six and Seven,
Al-a-Bone, Crack-a-Bone, Ten and Eleven,
Spin, Spun, Almost Done,
Twid-le-Um, Twod-le-Um, Twenty-One.
  • There's a tradition in Granny's family that every time you have a birthday you get a kiss for each year and one to grow on.