It is just a saying, Little Bear. Actually, you are losing your voice. But do not worry, it is just a temporary state-of-being. Go home, Little Bear.
~ Frog
Frog in My Throat
Frog In My Throat




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January 16, 1998


I'll Be You, You'll Be Me


Puddle Jumper

Frog in My Throat is the second story in the 41st episode of the animated children's series Little Bear.


As Little Bear tries to yodel, he develops a sore throat. He takes the expression 'Frog in My Throat' literally. When he gets home, Mother Bear provides the cure.

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Little Bear I'll Be You, You'll Be Me Frog In My Throat The Puddle Jumper - Ep

Little Bear I'll Be You, You'll Be Me Frog In My Throat The Puddle Jumper - Ep. 41



  • Cat is the only character who doesn't appear in this segment.
  • Little Bear, Duck, Hen, and Owl all play with their echoes until they lose their voices, that's actually what happens when you yell too much and too loud, because that's easily how their voices gets scratchy and the cause of sore throats, but with the help of Mother Bear's hot lemonade and honey, that always does the trick.


  • When everyone got sore throats from yelling too much, they get hot tea and say thank you to Mother Bear, when Duck gets her cup and says "Thank you Mother Bear", it sounds like she's pretending to be sick and just talking funny, she technically thinks she's really sick but it sounds like she's not.
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