Follow the Leader




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November 12, 1996


A Painting for Emily


Little Scarecrow Bear

But I know a fun way to get there, let's play: "Follow the Leader"!
~ Little Bear

Follow the Leader is the first story in the 22nd episode of Little Bear.


Little Bear and his friends are getting bored from playing Duck, Duck Goose. And his friends are very tired being in the sun on a sunny-day. So he decided that he and his friends should go to Hop Frog Pond for some water/swimming. But since Hop Frog Pond is too far away, Little Bear had an idea that he and his friends should go to the pond in a very fun way, by playing Follow The Leader. He and his friends were walking to the pond, while they use their imagination to imagining themselves climbing mountains, crawling through caves, riding a friendly sea serpent, and flying through the sky. After that, Owl felt like being the leader, so he was the leader, and he was rolling down the hill as it was unexpected, and his friends were doing the same thing too. After all that fun rolling, they finally arrived at the pond.

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  • When Duck yodels at the top of the mountains, her yodel did not echo, instead... her quack echoed from no were. That means her echo is broken, a broken echo is when you wanna say your "right" word in your echo, and if the echo comes out as echoing different word, then your echo is broken. An example of a broken echo can be found in a cartoon called: "Phineas and Ferb" (in fact, Wang Film Animation (the company who animated Season 5 of Little Bear), they also animated Phineas and Ferb too!) in the episode: "We Call it Maze", where later on in the episode... Agent P enters Doofenshmirtz's Space Station, and then Doofenshmirtz yelled out his space station's name. Once he yelled out his space station's name, the echo came, one of the words that the echo called out was the word: "cookie". Then, Doofenshmirtz said to himself that his echo is broken. If you wanna learn more about a Broken Echo, read this TV Tropes article:
  • When Emily was taking off her dress and boots just so she can play in the water, she was already wearing a swimming-tanktop and swimming-trunks.
  • This segment is one of the second segments to imagine going on a big adventure, since Little Bear Goes to the Moon.
  • This segment was also the first segment to feature a Sea Monster, since Little Bear and the Sea Monster.

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Little Bear Follow the Leader Little Scarecrow Bear Little Bear and the Baby - Ep. 22


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