Feathers in a Bunch
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1b (158 overall)


December 20, 2001


Duck Loses Her Quack


Detective Little Bear

Written by

Joseph Mallozzi

Feathers in a Bunch is the second story in the 54th episode of Little Bear.


Little Bear goes to play with Owl, but he is grumpy and busy just like Father Bear. Little Bear and Duck start up an act to make Owl laugh.

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  • This is Frog's last appearance in the television series.


  • In 2001/2002 on the Nick Jr. block on Nick, this episode was aired, but it had an error. This segment (and maybe the other ones in this episode) had a random audio playing in the background, the audio had a random angry person yelling out many random stuff about this segment, in a style of a commentary. Here’s the error (WARNING: THE AUDIO MAY HAVE SOME THINGS THAT ISN'T SUITABLE FOR KIDS UNDER 13, SO VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rgol7gI2Z0o
    • The error in this segment (and maybe the other ones in this episode) had been removed in later broadcasts and digital releases.
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