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For the episode of the same name, see Father Bear Comes Home.

Father Bear Comes Home is an I Can Read! book published in 1959. It is the second book in the series Little Bear.

Official description

Little Bear's father is finally coming home from a long fishing trip. Little Bear is very excited to see him—even if he doesn't bring the mermaid Little Bear has been hoping for!

Story synopsis

Father Bear Comes Home is divided into four separate stories.

Little Bear and Owl

Little Bear must catch a fish for Mother Bear to cook for supper. But there's no reason he and his friend Owl can't play that they're fishing out on the ocean while they do their work!

Father Bear Comes Home

Father Bear is coming home! And Little Bear thinks he might bring back a mermaid! But his friends are so excited about the prospect that they forget that he said maybe!


Father Bear is home, and Little Bear's friends are over to play. But they have to be quiet since Father is reading his newspaper. But this gets difficult when Little Bear develops a case of hiccups!

Little Bear's Mermaid

Little Bear and his friends and family are picnicking by the river, and there might be a mermaid in the water!

Background information

The four stories in Father Bear Comes Home went on to be adapted into segments in the show Little Bear.

Father Bear Comes Home is dedicated "To Ursula and Susan".


Little Bear (character); Mother Bear; Little Bear's house; Owl; Father Bear; Hen; Mermaid; Duck; Cat; Moon

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