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Exploring is a VHS released in 1998 by ABC for Kids. It features six stories.



Up All Night

On the ocean, in his fishing boat, Father Bear watches the sunrise each morning. And tonight, Little Bear is determined to watch the sun come up, too. But -yawn!- his eyelids are beginning to feel very heavy.

Little Bear's Bath

Little Bear takes a bath to get ready for Father Bear's homecoming. When he loses his bar of soap in the bathtub, he swims underwater to find it, imagining that he is swimming with a mermaid.

Father Bear Comes Home

Father Bear is returning home today. Little Bear invites his friends to see him coming and Father Bear has presents for everyone.

A Flu

Little Bear has the flu! What can he do to get better? Cat, Duck, and Hen all have some ideas, but in the end, Little Bear discovers that there is no substitute for the tender loving care of Mother Bear.


Little Bear, Duck and Cat explore the forest to find a landmark where the Bear parents went together. Along the way, they stumble into a skunk's den.

Fishing with Father Bear

Little Bear and Father Bear spend the day fishing together.