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Emily is one of Little Bear's friends.


Emily's daytime clothes include a blue knee-length dress with short, puffy light blue sleeves and dark blue-green trim, white camisole with a blue bow, beige knee-length pantalettes, and dark blue-green striped socks, a light blue headband, and brown ankle-length boots. She also wears a red and black one-piece striped swimsuit while swimming in the summer, a white and black baseball uniform with a blue cap, a hot pink, long-sleeved, floor-length nightgown with a blue bow, frilly white collar and cuffs, and a pink headband at bedtime. For her seventh birthday, she wore the same style of daytime clothes and underwear, but in pink and purple.


Emily is usually very nice to her friends and family, although she is sometimes bossy. For example, when she and Little Bear were playing a princess game, and Emily was the princess, Owl and Duck showed up to play, too. Duck didn't know that Emily had decided to be the princess, and tried to make herself the princess. Emily said, "Duck, I'm the princess," thus making Duck feel embarrassed and hurt.

Another time, the group was skipping rope, and Emily was taking a long time because of her skill at jumping rope. As she never missed a step, no one else had a turn for a long time, and they told her she had already skipped to all their rhymes. Mitzi surprises her by saying "I see London, I see France, I see Emily's underpants!" and caused her to miss skip. Emily said that it doesn't count as it is Mitzi's fault. They reluctantly agreed. In the same episode, Emily finishes a rhyme Little Bear was making up about Mitzi by calling her rude. Duck agreed, and Mitzi decided to leave.

Family and Friend Relationships


  • Emily's most prized possession is her doll, Lucy.