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Cub is a dark brown bear who likes to play rough. He lives in the wilderness with his parents, along with two foxes, Poppy and Pete.


Early life

Cub, lost in a storm after having been separated from his parents

When Cub was very young, he and his parents were trying to get home in a big storm. When lightning struck a tree and Cub's mother pushed him out of its path to keep him safe, he got separated from them and couldn't find them for a long time. At some point, Cub starts to live in a new cave with two foxes, Poppy and Pete.

Meeting Little Bear

Little Bear and Cub, playing together just after they first meet

In The Little Bear Movie, Cub met Little Bear and Father Bear while they were camping out at Pudding Hill. He quickly befriended Little Bear after having a small tussle when they first met. After Father Bear and Little Bear were finished camping, Cub came home with them on a visit. He chose not to tell them that he didn't know where his parents were.

After arriving at the Bear house, Cub helped Father Bear and Little Bear with making Father Bear's Famous Flying Flapjacks. In the process, one got stuck to the ceiling and one flew out the window.

Cub, Cat, Duck, and Owl

After lunch, Little Bear and Cub went off to go to the Moon. Cub was opposed to the idea of wearing a space helmet and going to the Moon but soon agreed anyway. When they got to the tree they were planning to jump from, they saw Cat's tale from a hollow in a tree. Cub, not knowing that it was Cat, pulled it. Cat screeched and Cub mistakenly believed that Cat was a mountain lion.

After meeting Cat, Cub met Duck and Owl, who were playing tag, they all pretended to go to the Moon. After a while of playing this, they started to shift to playing "Wild", which Duck, Cub, and Little Bear all enjoyed, but Owl did not.

Search party for Cub's parents

Later, when the sun was setting, Cub told Little Bear about his parents. After asking him to keep it a secret, Cub came home with Little Bear. The next morning, Little Bear organized a search party to search for Cub's parents. Little Bear, Cub, Cat, Duck, Hen, and Owl all met to make a plan.

Little Bear, Cub, Duck, Cat, Owl, and Hen beginning the search party for Cub's parents

After creating a plan to search for Cub's parents, the first thing they did was travel to the wilderness, where Cub lives, and paint pictures of him. They put these pictures up hoping that Cub's parents would see them.

After they put up the pictures, they waited. Once they came back to check on the pictures, they were all gone. Moose, a friend of Little Bear's, told them that the birds and squirrels had taken them for their nests and that the raccoons had taken their big banner to make a dam.

Lost in the widerness

While Duck went to put the picture of Cub that Moose had managed to get somewhere that Cub's parents would be sure to see it, Little Bear, Cub, Cat, Hen, Owl, and Moose all went to the river to get some fish and try to get back the banner. Unfortunately, the beavers, who are unhappy that the raccoons built a dam, arrived and broke open the banner. This unleashes a heavy burst of water that pushes Little Bear and Cub downstream to a waterfall.

When Cub and Little Bear managed to swim up and get onto dry land, they met up with Duck who had put the last picture of Cub into a cantine. Unfortunately, the cantine had fallen into the river. As Little Bear, Cub, and Duck ran along to get it, an eagle swooped down and grabbed it.

As Little Bear, Cub, and Duck started to walk back, they soon realized that they did not know the way and were lost. Luckily for them, after a fairly long time of wandering around, they were found by Poppy and Pete, the foxes that Cub lives with. While Little Bear, Cub, Duck, Poppy, and Pete walk back to Cub's cave, Little Bear's friends, who had regrouped at Pudding Hill, started back to Father and Mother Bear's house to tell them that Little Bear is lost in the wilderness.

The next morning, Little Bear, Cub, Duck, Poppy, and Pete set out for Little Bear's house. Along the way, they run into a mountain lion named Trouble. He almost kills Duck, but Poppy and Pete manage to throw him into a river. Just as he gets out of the river and is about to kill Little Bear, He is scared off by Cub's parents, who the eagle had brought the image of Cub. Cub reunites with his parents and the three of them go home.

Friends and family



  • Cub walks on all fours more often than upright, although he does still walk on two feet occasionally.
  • Cub is often believed to be a wild bear.