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Everyone knows that black cats are scary! *meows loud and scary*
~ Cat, Goblin Night
~ Cat’s catchphrase

Cat is a slothful male cat and is a friend of Little Bear. He is one of the two tetartagonists of Little Bear, one of the four deuteragonists of Little Bear and a supporting character in The Little Bear Movie. Cat is voiced by Andrew Sabiston and Frank Welker (vocal effects only; uncredited)).

His first appearance on the television series was in the episode "Hide and Seek".

His last appearance was in the episode "Lucky Little Bear" for the television series. And his final major appearance was in The Little Bear Movie.


Cat is a sluggish, sly and arrogant character who makes trouble. He loves to eat and play tricks on anyone that he comes across. Cat's egotistical ways can lead him into problems sometimes, but always provides an exciting adventure for viewers to join along in. Cat always act sneaky and scary like a scary-cat. In fact, sometimes... he’s a scaredy-cat himself (especially on Halloween nights). He always like to be a wannabe and do things his own way, he’s not that lazy, but he likes to think up/combine things of whatever comes up to his mind.


Cat doesn't really live anywhere except a log and Little Bear's house because he's technically part of Little Bear's family even though he's just a friend. He's practically a homeless cat that doesn't have a home except the woods but he still tries hard to look after himself.



  • Cat likes taking naps, and in lots of the episodes he would rather to take a nap rather than play with his friends.
  • He has the ability and his sound is "meow."
  • His catchphrase is "Boo!"
  • The first time Cat's stomach growled was in "Party at Owl's House".
  • As we all know, cats like fish, Cat (himself) loves fish so much... that he does many fish-related things in many episodes.
  • When it comes to fish, Cat likes the fish that Father Bear catches.
  • Cat mostly likes fish stew, he loves it so much that he would even mention it in many Little Bear episodes.
  • Cat also love sweets, like cookies, pie, and he especially loves chocolate cake, he loves it so much... that he loves "Mother Bear’s famous chocolate cake".
  • In the episode "The Wedding" he walks Duck down the aisle and they dance together at the wedding reception.
  • His breed is likely a Bicolor.
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