Captain Little Bear
Captain Little Bear




2c (51 overall)


October 1, 1996


Little Bear's Bad Day


Building a House for Emily

Captain Little Bear is the third story in the 17th episode of the animated children's series Little Bear.


When Little Bear finds an old abandoned boat and a treasure map, he and his friends become Captain Little Bear and pirate crew aboard "The Ladybug" - and imagine themselves sailing off to a lost island in search of buried treasure.


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Little Bear Cat's Short Cut Little Bear's Bad Day Captain Little Bear - Ep

Little Bear Cat's Short Cut Little Bear's Bad Day Captain Little Bear - Ep. 17



  • Little Bear is Captain Little Bear, Duck is Doctor Quack, Hen is 2 Pecks, Owl is Smart Eyes and Cat is Whiskers.
  • When everyone finds the island looking for treasure all around Little Bear and Owl call Duck by her real name instead of her pirate name Doctor Quack when Owl mentions that the X is on her and her asking about water in the boat as Little Bear answering her question about water being out of the boat.
  • When Owl finds the X on Duck, it's not really the X, it's just the shadow of the boat cross where Hen's tablecloth is hanged on that just makes it look like the X.
  • Captain Buckle appeared in this episode. He would then make another appearance in the 2003 episode "The One That Got Away".
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