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Bigger Little Bear
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14c (42 overall)


February 20, 1996


Doctor Little Bear


Little Bear's Trip to the Stars

Bigger Little Bear is the third story in the 14th episode of Little Bear.


Little Bear is getting measured on how tall he is. Little Bear is happy with his height and wanted to help Mother Bear set the table. Mother Bear said that Little Bear has to be a lot more taller to help. Little Bear wanted to be bigger. Little Bear grabbed the pencil and made a high mark. his head rose to meet the mark. Little Bear made another mark and his head rose to that mark. Little Bear made one more mark and his head rose higher than the mark. Little Bear is now as tall as the house. Bigger Little Bear (continuing to grow) tells Mother bear that he is going out to play. Bigger Little Bear is too big to fit through the door. He squeezed out of the door and saw that he was bigger than the house and still growing. Owl was in the treehouse reading Jack and the Beanstalk. Bigger Little Bear scares Owl and Bigger Little Bear tells Owl to come back. Bigger Little Bear (still growing) is at Duck's pond. Bigger Little Bear jumps into Duck's pond and splashes all of the water away. Duck looks angry at Bigger Little Bear and waddles away. Cat is chasing a butterfly up a "brown furry mountain" Cat saw his friend Bigger Little Bear sulking over his huge height. Cat me-owed in fear and ran away. Bigger Little Bear saw that his friends do not like him because he is big. Bigger Little Bear climbed up onto the moon and went up into space (a foreshadowing of the next episode Little Bear's Trip to the Stars) Little Bear found himself back home and saw that it was all a dream. Father Bear came and Little Bear hopped into Father Bear's arms and the episode ends when the Bear Family all ate their dinner.

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  • When Cat was on (Bigger) Little Bear’s back torso, Little Bear‘s Bottom Lip was the same color as his top lip. But when Little Bear said: “Hello” to Cat, his Bottom Lip color went back to normal.

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