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Between Friends
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10a (73 overall)


December 2, 1996


Lucy's Okay


The Blueberry Picnic

Written by

Betty Quan

Between Friends is the first story in the 25th episode of the animated children's series Little Bear.


When Little Bear gets the mumps, his friend Emily cheers him up by making a book for him about all the great times they've had together. After Emily gives it to him, Little Bear feels much better, and figures out how to make Emily feel better when she gets the mumps!

Characters Featured


  • The book Between Friends contains scenes from: Little Bear's New Friend, Duck, Babysitter, Party at Owl's House, and Hop Frog Pond.
  • The “ribbon vertically tied up to your head” thing in the episode (that happened to Little Bear and Emily and Lucy), it is a reference to a previous Little Bear segment from this season called: Little Bear's Tooth, when Hen did the same thing to Little Bear just so Little Bear can get his loose tooth out.
  • Emily has been very careful not to catch Little Bear's mumps by not getting too close to him because she was outside his house reading the book she gave him but when he got better, she somehow caught the mumps too no matter what.

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