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A Present for Little Bear is a VHS released in 1999 by ABC for Kids. It features six stories.



Little Bear's Wish

Little Bear's bedtime stories turn into fantasy adventures that take him on a voyage with a group of Vikings, bouncing up in the clouds and to China where he meets a princess and a dragon.

Little Bear's Shadow

With all his friends busy, Little Bear amuses himself by playing with his shadow.

A Present for Mother Bear

Little Bear's quest for the perfect present for Mother Bear's birthday has him on a wild goose chase until he realizes that the best present is the one he picked himself.

To Grandmother's House

Little Bear is going to spend the day with his grandparents. Unfortunately, the gifts he decides to take them get eaten along the way with the help of his friends Cat, Hen and Duck.

Grandfather Bear

Little Bear spends the day playing with his Grandfather. They climb trees, play in the wheelbarrow and roll down hills.

Mother Bear's Robin

Grandmother Bear tells Little Bear the story of how Mother Bear made friends with a baby Robin when she was a little girl.