A House for Mitzi
A House for Mitzi




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January 13, 1997


Little Bear Sings a Song


Up a Tree

"A House for Mitzi" is the second story in the 29th episode of the animated children's series Little Bear.


Little Bear awakens from his sleepover with Mitzi to find Mitzi gone. A search ensues, and he finds her sleeping in a tree. She explains that she likes his house and his room, but she likes to sleep outside, in a tree.

Little Bear, without asking Mitzi for approval, decides to build Mitzi a treehouse. As he builds, his friends, including Owl, Cat, Emily, No Feet, Duck, and Hen (who is especially interested in designing nice curtains for Mitzi's new house) all join in, not noticing that Mitzi doesn't seem too thrilled about their efforts.

That night, they host a party for Mitzi's new house, and though Mitzi thanks them, she doesn't still seem too thrilled about the new house. Little Bear realizes what is wrong and, shocking the others, pulls apart a few of the boards from one wall to make Mitzi's bedroom, a tree branch. Happily, Mitzi springs down and thanks Little Bear.

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Little Bear Little Bear Sing A Song A House For Mitzi Up A Tree - Ep

Little Bear Little Bear Sing A Song A House For Mitzi Up A Tree - Ep. 29


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